Saturday, May 10, 2014





Anonymous said...

This is so called 'New McA' to march on with 'new roads' and to claim their pride and dignity by the new president of party.

With that of silly excuses to surrender the contest of a majority 75% Chinese voters in Bukit Glugor Parliamentary by election, the so called biggest Chinese based party has degraded themself in a test of supports.

The new leadership apparently shown strong and brave to the chinese community but in reality they merely remain the concepts of dependant, no breakthrough and low yield in transformation of party.

Unfortunately the self first 'wrong goal' of its recent campaign 'together be stronger' has great impact to their confidence to march on rather than more interested to be appointed as Ministers or deputy.

A Parent

草夫 said...

卖花公会都变了7 11 便利店了,暗中来哪一道煮煮米粉家乡小菜,怎么还会有顾客要来尝试呢?还是早点收档,回家睡觉吧!

Angerd said...

MCA dared not contest in Bukit Glugor just admit it. You all know what was the Perak Exco Mah Han Soon did ? He asked Gerakan to exchange the Teluk Intan seat with MCA. What type of politician does MCA has ?