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Income Tax, Service Tax, Service Charges, Road tolls, Road Tax, Revenue Tax and now GST.... too many to handle !

The government has collected from the people numerous taxes and income but the allocations of the funds to the people in development and needs were not transparent, abuse of public funds and money spent unwisely.
Just take a note as huge amount being spent in clothings and gatherings recently as so called leaders to be with the people in all places but merely to draw votes of the people for the coming general election.
It was asked to save for rainy days but they were penny wise pound foolish !

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还有市场不开放的问题。大政府在市场上下其手的时候,许多呆民还说那是好事。 不想那供需的问题多年来都得不到解决。 稻米白糖食油种种垄断腐败浪费, 无不如此。

A retiree said...

The government should plug all the leakages before opening its mouth to ask for more money via GST.

I'm a retiree, had been paying taxes all my life, spending much more than relatives and friends overseas on car which is of lower quality yet much more expensive than theirs. Who has pocketed my tax money ? These BN rich goons shopping overseas and can claimed back their GST from foreign governments. How about us who have to shop locally and can't escape the GST?

Already I'm very unhappy to be forced to pay the 10% service tax in some restaurants which I hardly get any deserving service and even if the service is good, who can guarantee us the money actually get to pay the staff for the service rendered to the customers?

How could a tank being filled if there are more big holes to run away the water than the inflow? Those in PEMANDU are the big and useless fat cats, getting paid for such such proposal without the gut to tell the government where the real problem is.

Not until I see a clean and efficient government is being installed, I won't cast my vote to any party which propose GST without the will to plug leakages.

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