Wednesday, March 12, 2014

一蚊鸡 vs 两粒椰

MH370下落不明的当儿,Najib有一蚊鸡、Raja Bomoh有两粒椰,双雄鼎立棋逢敌手,谁都抢不了谁的风头。



Anonymous said...

You like it you take it, You dont like it, you leave it !
This is a typical Malaysia Boleh and mana ada sistem !
Anyone can sell chicken or kangkung just to make you happy !

A Parent

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Anonymous said...

The biggest show is going to happen. Does any of you notice that almost everyday something big is happening? And they are from the west, not domestic. It means these days, nothing can hide under the sun. The more they do it the worse it's going to be. This is not Teoh Beng Hock case, whereby they can suppress and manipulate everything.

Let's assume MH370 was hijacked by its own people which is likely to be true (soon we'll find out). What do you think will happen to MAS and the entire country? Surely this is another world record, for it never happens before in the history. Don't you proud of being Malaysia? I don't and will never want to.

睿 said...

如果現在的交通部長是 WWW15,情況會更混亂。他連一個車牌都咿咿喔喔的交代不清楚,更何況是這麼大件事?

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