Thursday, June 26, 2014


1. 廖中莱坐镇交通部,改天要买15号车牌就方便许多,不用左手换右手了。

2. 温馨提示廖中莱,千万别说MH370是被风吹走,除了他自己,没有人会相信的。

3. 原来首相署是政治流浪狗。。。哦,对不起。。。是政治流浪汉的收容所。

4. 千万不要追问魏家祥他在首相署是负责什么的,因为连他自己也不懂,他只负责做官。

5. 连李志亮都可以出任副部长,可见马华公公会人才济济是铁一般的事实。不过换个角度,连这种素质都可以当官,相信很多人会因此而对自己增添不少信心和希望。


Anonymous said...

After a year of long wait, LTL and his comrades finally found the top seats in the supreme table.
Unfortunately his wishes and missions was not full fill as what he declared.

1. To be proud with pride and dignity to join the government.

2. To have power and authorizations on behalf of Chinese communities in the government.

3. It was very difficult to retain the portfolio that be given to his party.

4. He was exhausted in negotiations with supreme leader as his party only left with 7-11 after 505 general election in 2013.
5. His party needs to thanks full for the obligations and appointment by all big 'brothers' as to accommodate them in the government.

What a shameful on this circumstances as be given a 2 and 3 be representing Chinese under conditions and in no way be able to deliver with changes and new innovative policy within the next few years.

A Parent

Anonymous said...

Liow Tiong Lai said MCA will ask for more Chinese ministers in the cabinet. Yes ask for 4 more ministers in the PM department. One minister for one state (including FT). Than Wee Ka Siong will know what his duty.

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前新聞部長 Zainuddin Maidin 今天才炮轟馬華,叫他們”去死“ 呢!