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Anonymous said...

A Chinese proverb said: To leave his name when he dies and to remain its skin when it dies.
As a public media editor and by his profession suppose to be respected by public and to deliver his good services at all time without favor or fears.
Unfortunately his status changes and remain no more neutral by his pen but writes on his political and leaders likes.
Readers are no longer remain to be in the same standard but obviously has upgraded be able to distinguish his profession ethic and conducts.
He fails the public image but gains his personal dignity and pride of his favorites.

A Parent

Anonymous said...

He is not a public media editor, 他是文棍。

Dr Neo said...

This tay fellow took a u turn in his stand since 2008, from a political commentator to shoes polisher. If najib say something right ( say only, no action), he will let najib takes all the credit. If najib commit certain mistake or bias in his policies, he will say najib has no choice but influenced by those around him. Recently this tay fellow is using sinchew as his personal tool to attack dap esp LGE.

cw said...

好久没读他的评论了, 也没有冲动想去打开哪个link 了。

安东尼老爷 said...


Anonymous said...

Not only Tay fellow made a turn but Sin Chew made a more u turn after 308 election. If the Pakatan news could appear in the front page if would be a bad news. Good news could hardly appear in Sin Chew. The best example was the report on the debate between Lim Guan Eng and Chua Soil Leck. Another writer called himself the veteran journalist also everyday attacked DAP in Sin Chew and The China press. Brother Leng should ask Botak don"t let this fellow to join his blog in order not to influence some not so smart readers.