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Anonymous said...

A Chinese proverb said: You don't buy rice hence don't know its price. Those Ministers and government officers enjoys sitting on their comfortable chair in the, drawing high remunerations and allowances, their pocket never fails with cash notes. coin of 20 cents just negligible and unaccountable.

However for those middle and lower income groups working mouth to mouth, 20 cents a liter or increased by 10% is a terrible amounts spent on fuel monthly. Further more their living expenses shall incur at higher costs too.

Our old parents used to record of their house hold expenditure and to cut down their daily foods expenses by planting some cash crops and vegetables at small plot of lands adjacent to house. But today most of family were living in concrete housing estates whereby subject to pay on leaving the home.

Only those had experience tooth ache will know the pains. Whereas for those were rich and easy come money have fears of how to live longer life to enjoy the luxury.

A Parent

Anonymous said...

Nope, just ordinary idiots won't believe anything like that. It has to be super retard and ultra dumb to believe what putrajaya tells us.

Sadly these people are the majority. They deserve the miseries they sowed for blindly voting for the rotten government. We are innocent.

If you want change, you have to wake them up. Or leave the country. Choose ...

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