Saturday, January 9, 2010

United We Stand!

My fellow Malaysian brothers and sisters,

Together we've witnessed how our Najib-led government going against world opinion of both Christian and Muslim world.

Together we've witnessed where our Najib-led government is driving our beloved country to.

Be calm my fellow Malaysians,
united we stand,
in democracy we believe,
hand in hand,
we shall all know what to do in the next


Mountebank said...

As the saying goes -- "as you brew, so you must drink", Najib's today image is internationally ( & ? unluckily ) enmeshed with "goons & thugs" .

How to shrewdly solve this matter and weathering through this crisis is undeniably of paramount importance for Mr PM.

My perspective is that Najib will not breeze through this time without a hitch, as the feud in between both religions was not ostensibly occured recently but was commenced since Middle Ages i.e. after the start of multiple Holy Wars -- "The Crusades" .

Those who has profoundly impacted by this issue must make the right choice indeed in coming G.E. in order to make this country right!

Anonymous said...

One after another burning issues were happened recently, this has caused the incapable government to shout to the people stop doing it. However, if the government has earlier respect to the court judgement and not allow the extremist to protest, this incident could have not be happened. Damaged has been done, building up again good raport and hormony would be a set back. People at large realised BN under his new leadership remain inefficient, corrupts and double standard even though his slogan were loudly heard.

A Parent

Mountebank said...

Things might be more nasty than what I realized after I perused RPK latest article at "Malaysia Today"

I read also a most recent news from Bernama

which reports Najib attended a function at Bandar Bukit Sentosa ( Selangor ) today announcing benevolently to gift the local with RM15.6 million for rehabilitation of some dilapidated flats.

I sincerely hope that it's just & a coincidence
& I am worried unnecessarily.

Anonymous said...

Let us all united, show the PEOPLE's POWER to evil-najib-led government!


Mountebank said...

Also expressing dissatisfaction with the court ruling was Abdul Rashid Mohd Fadzil, leader of Islamic proselytization group Pekida.

According to him, the fundamental problem was Herald's insistence on using the term Allah.

When told that Christians in Middle Eastern and other countries have long used the word Allah to describe God, Abdul Rashid replied: "We are talking about Malaysia".


See, how bigoted are these laggard zealots.

For the past 40+ years, UMNO has cultivated
myriad of fanatics, in order to protect their vested interest, thus it didn't shock me when this statement popped up to my eyes.

叶蓓怡 said...

We hate the way the government solve things. In an irresponsible manner.


oldman said...




suzy said...

you can go to view today kerishamuddin's talking. will make you more angry!

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