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Supposed after having a good holidays in overseas and battery recharging, he should be more energetic and considerate with the recent series of events happened while away. Unfortunately, his first openly speech at the youth gathering in Putra Jaya was a disappointed address as he did not mentioned and ignore of the culprits taking laws at hand causing nuisance and protest at individual house compound, posing treat and created peace and harmony of living areas. Again in his second attempt presented in the Hawker gatherings has added oil to the burning fires, supporting of their malicious and unreasonable claims. Malaysian people just feel too sad and disappointed as a head of government should be even matured and knowledgeable to order a stop of these dirty played and gutted politic especially in the approaching of 13th general election. We do not wish to see the chaos and disorderly of community being disturbed but to have a fair and clean general election for which people to mandate their VOTES of a New Government by democratic process. It is therefore you to ensure all the peace and smooth running of election campaigns in the country.
PM of 1 Malaysia should have his personal good example and be respectful by Malaysian.

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