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Politician change face just as good as those artist. What he said yesterday might be interpret wrongly by the journalist and denied it. Many a time their words or statements have double standard and differ from day to day. He called to boycott those shopping complex unable to provide safety measures may be in considering of personal safety and pushed them to upgrade their protection for consumers. Whereas to boycott a government for unable to provide security and peace may be a controversial and needs facts and proof. Track records and the recent statements issued by various authority denied the crimes in the increased cases but the relevant Minister just admitted home and community security needs to upgrade and joint cooperation betweeen people and government to enhance greater efficientcy. Nevertheless, as a law maker and enforcement unit, the government must fully take responsiblity to ensure a peaceful envirolments and security provider for the people.

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yeh! 一起杯葛无能的蔡CD及马花!!!!!

supervision2006 said...

YEH!! 一起杯葛无能的蔡CD及马花!!!!

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