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Anonymous said...

DSAI in his political career since his early twenties began from ruling party and sentence into jail again at this age of 68 also by the present government.
His life or more accurately involved in politic over the last 40 years from the highest rank of deputy Prime Minister to become opposition leader in Pakatan Rakyat has written down a history of sweet, sour, pains and sorrow.
The people needs to learn and become realize that politic in Malaysia are cruel and iron hands if leaders were to against material facts and laws for which are unfavorable to bring changes.
Lets pray democratic process takes place if people were to be truly united to ensure changes reforms and new inspirations for new generations.

A Parent

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Anonymous said...

Oh come on, don't you see, this is just a show to allow BN to set him free later from jail by winning more voters when the time is right? And those voters are predominantly very stupid and absolutely idiotic persons. They are the reason why this country is going backwards and created their own miseries. They reaped what they sowed in the last election. Make a chance or face the music forever.

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Dr Neo,