Monday, February 20, 2012

《就事要讲》“双雄辩论,谁领风骚?”Part1 & 2




Mister Leaf said...

有个建议,片段如果可以分割成 10 分钟左右会更好。谢谢啦。

Anonymous said...

Wow, really enjoys both personals in analyse the debates between CD and CM Lim over the U-tube.
My personal point of view close to Mr Leng that CM Lim has made full use of the stage to express his party and PR on what they have been done in the last 4 years after in government. Whereas CD merely repeated all these while he has told the chinese community that DAP and PAS shall posed treat to their livelihood with Islamic laws. However as mentioned by Mr Leng and Mr Wong just now both the issues brought up again by CD in the debate has little effect as compare to abuse, corruptions, educations and economic viablity for which every man are more concern. As such he has lost by unable to deliver new facts and ideas to convince people at large that MCA or BN be able to ensure an even better governance for Malaysian.

A Parent

居安思危 said...