Sunday, April 22, 2012




TC said...

PTPTN was actually a good calculated move mediated to help those who failed to get into universities for whatsoever reasons(most just as we known).
We should have no qualm over it in the first place but then, it's their bizarre ways of implimentation cause us most concerned.
As for "we"-non-bumi it actually benefits us in a large extent due to the fact that "we" are always at the receiving end !
Do we need any further illustrations ? I guess not.

Anonymous said...

There is a pro and con on the PTPTN issue, suppose to aid those poor and unaffordable students for their higher study but those rich and good family income also take for granted to enjoy the facilities. Malaysian has the 'tidak apa' altitude and refused or delay their loan repayment which is unfair under rules of equality and justification.

A Parent