Monday, July 9, 2012






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eh... "我们不要再往后看,应该往前看!"

Anonymous said...

AN issue out of topic. MP Teresa Kok issued a statement saying that MCA should open its door to non-Chinese. Teresa you are wrong . MCA had ONE Malay as President. He is the late Tun Ghafar Baba. Can't blame you lah Teresa because I believe you not yet born.

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james said...

他说 : "对, 我说两个星期, 但没说是那一年那一月的两个星期 " XD

Anonymous said...

Indeed Dong Zong leaders are much smarter in respect of approval to set up an Independent chinese school in Kuantan. They said no applause before eyes witnessed on the official papers mentioning approval of a classic Independent chinese school in Kuantan. It will no surprise that the government and MCA will make use of this annocement to woo chinese community support BN as they have work so hard and 'fight' for the approval letter to set up the school that desires by chinese for many years. In the meantime, Segamat Dong Zong has called for 729 gatherings and an appeal to be made to the government on the same objective. Hope more supports be gather to voice loud.

A Parent

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! LOL