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·         廖中莱最好别挑战他的位子,否则不会有好结果。

·         首相身边有两个反他的马华人。

·         如果大选后出现悬峙国会,翁诗杰就会退出马华。










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The latest statement CD has made in Batu Pahat on the occassion of a service centre opening ceremony. He throws a chanllenge that if Johore State will to change hand and MB from Rocket party, he will be the first to tender his resignation as Party chairman and join to DAP. As we all know Johore State is under Royal Sultan as Majesty of State and its legislative must be a Bumiputra to be MB for state, yet CD posed a chanllenge of unrealistic and childish to show how much stressful and misserable he is now at the capacity of chairman. An analyst has just wrote a lengthy message over the Malaysiakini writer column for which he has mentioned the latest MCA position in the eye of chinese community. Not withstanding the downfall of the party by countdown of the coming 13th general election of Malaysia. Indeed what he claimed to be sent to Holland if people were not to support again sounds to become true. As such he is much dependant on his big brother to aid and sail him out from rough sea and big storms. Unfortunately neither be successful and he was asked to consult a mental specialist. Oh, No - he will find the solutions himself !

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I suggest that Chua CD should immediately resign from the president post. Because a simple knowledge that a non muslim can NEVER be a Menteri Besar of Johor he slso dosen't know. How to lead a party ?

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这里趁这个机会向你说 2013年快乐!再接再厉写你的博文,我很喜欢读呢。

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Happy new year to all.

He is still using the old style and thinking to challege DAP knowing that it is impossible. Rakyat knew that. Rakyat just want to topple BN and not want DAP to head Johor or Perak.

CD C knew that and yet he continue to mislead Rakyat that the best DAP could do is not better than MCA. So childish CD Chua.