Tuesday, June 14, 2011

人又是蔡,鬼又是蔡 ?





好啦,现在谁是人,谁是鬼 ?是不是有人自己在内部赞成后,又派儿子在外面假假扮英雄去反对?



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別說在污桶面前大氣都不敢吐,甚至面對高級政府行政人員都腳 ’震‘,口發抖的的賣華官員,面對華社則手指指,一點都不奇怪。這就是偽君子,真小人。

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主流媒体的狗狗最喜欢说什么”国阵治国上比较有经验“, 是的,有『50 年的狗屁治国经验』。

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Just read from Malaysiakini Chua CD said he already left the premises when the issue was passed. But the 2 UMNO ministers said the subsidies cut was passed by the cabinet. So what are the 4 MCA ministers have to say ?

阿阳 (Yang) said...

hoho,马华版的face off 终于要上演了吗?
希望是自 宫心计和逼宫门 后的又一次精彩演出!这次是小菜头担纲哦,期待咯。呵呵。

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Again he mentioned that he was on leave when the national economic meeting was held to decide withdrawal of subsidy and accused the concern Minister on sleep mood.

Each time when he and his team of Minister or duputy clarify on a hot issue faced by the chinese community, the other big partner or bosses will throw back the ball to them and ashame of their weakness for incapable to solve problems.

Look like he and his party no longer be respect and hence should not be supported in the coming general election. Dare him to chanllenge his followers and members vice-versa on exercise their rights to proof that their votes were so important in winning more seats for BN.

A Parent

凌国文 said...


(1) 你觉得人家还有把你放在眼里吗?

Ah Sim said...

I feel very funny. Mr. Chua claimed he is not in that meeting. So he don't know and didn't support and agreed to this reduction. Then he must think we are all stupid (Of course include his follower) that all goverment meeting doesn't have proposal sent earlied and meeting minutes widely communicated. Some more the most funny thing is he can't explain why he is not attending and does he know about this reduction before this meeting???!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe doing a carpet search of all hotels in Malaysia during the time meeting was conducted will explain his whereabouts and the reason for his absence.

Anonymous said...

National Economic meeting is a very important meeting yet Chua CD can absent this meeting which affects thosand people of their livelihood . This is another example with or without MCA in the government makes no difference to people!