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取消津贴、给 不起奖学金、增加拨款,国阵手头那么紧,大选不远了。



moot said...

额外拨款的钱,不是从天上掉下来, 而是要从中央银行那里借。直接的说法,就是印钞票。

国家不可以随便印钞票, 对于现在的马来西亚来说,不是问题。反正马来西亚有个“意淫” 的“得奖”(美国某财经杂志) 国行总裁在那,一切没问题。

Anonymous said...

Since after Tun Tan Siew Sin time, Malaysia has been in the red, nothing has changed, there was a time Maharthir even devalued the ringgit and close the door of flow of funds, that is how bad things got.But do not worry, we can tax the rakyat more, borrow from your EPF,and we pump more crude oil and kind of the problem down the road.

Anonymous said...

They are using future money...... just to stay on power.

Anonymous said...


yeo said...


精明理财+精明消费 => 精明A钱


Anonymous said...

国阵不灭, 国家便亡, 毁灭国阵, 拯求国家, 人人有责.

Anonymous said...

A good accountant employed by a company is to ensure his company be able to make profits and viable in financial status so that yearly growth could be achieved.

An efficient Minister of Finance beside preparation of a good national budgets, also acting as a goal keeper where by the inflow and outflow of resources must be strictly in control and balance as per allocation of funds in the budget.

However, our Ministry of various portfolio just ignore the principals of a good management, obviously running at a deficit and abuse of public funds by large amount.

Bearing in mind that Ministers are elected by people and be responsible in their undertakings to safe guard the national treasury be solvent and strong. Any abuse and mis-appropriate of funds must be accountable by the respective Minister.

Regretable that excuses and non-admitting of faults is always the good answer but the losses has to be reimburse by the people in term of cut-off subsidy of consumer goods and services to top up the deficits year after another.

Inorder to stop the country further into insolvent and bankcrupt, people has non-other but to CHANGE the government and safe Malaysia at earliest possible.

A Parent