Monday, June 11, 2012





Not Fit said...

Read from Malaysiainsider that Liar said he NEVER bid for any number.Forget what he said previously the different versions which I also confused. So could this liar ask the RTD (Road Transport Division) to release the tender form in public and let the public scrutinize. If the bidding form shows he has really never apply than he needs not to explain further. So I Challenge him to accept my challenge. If he dares not better resign lah, you are not fit to be a minister!

槟城老唐 said...


Anonymous said...

All these high ranking leaders have a similar default, known as over-confidence syndrome ! Many a time their action speedy than words and in such a situation, his mind has lost concentration, performed with low class IQ and EQ and constantly lost himself. Nevertheless these typed of leaders never admitted for wrong but continue to argue his stand making a laugh talk and finally be shake head by the public.

A Parent