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We are wondering the KPI Minister is now keeping silence, perhaps he became shy and choosed not to comment on the increasing number of crime cases happened in various part of country. The home Minister and his security units were playing Malaysia boleh figures by classify crime as isolated case in certain areas and therefore reduce the overall number of cases in his record. Perhaps the people have to appreciate their great efforts for being able to manage crimes into isolated case and general cases.
However, the people at large still has the fears and a sense of not secure in their living envirolments or working places.

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The use of statistics and trend data to measure matter such as safety incidents and crime is NOT RELEVANT. For example, in safety, what is the difference between 1% fatality rate and 2% fatality rate? It has no difference if the person died is someone we love, like our own child, brother and sister. Of course, most people do not care if the person died is a stranger. Same as crime, if the person got raped is our daughter, then even one such incident is not tolerated by us !!! I hope you gentlemen see this point and agree with it.
Hence, it is pointless to KPI on thing like crime and safety. The only acceptable crime rate is ZERO. Or the ministers and their sons, daughters do not have body guards or police escorts when they go to town. Otherwise, what ever the minister says have no meaning to ordinary people like us!

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I am wondering where are our KPI minister ? He seems to be disappeared from the public. May be he has to accompany the PM to watch Euro Cup , and the telecast time is about 2.30am.