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anakmalaysia said...


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MCA is too rich and let them 'contributes' more to newspaper advertisements. Indeed I just wonder how come their 'master mind' as good as those man in the streets to produce such a 'low class' advertisements basing on assumptions, imaginations and full of impossible events as a campaign in 13th general election. They are still remain in the 19th century perception or consider people in the nutshell.
Notwithstanding to gain popular supports but each and every one of their recent advertisements has become a laugh and negative impact to the party.
It is a shame and brainless piece of work !

A Parent

Thiam Teck (1983 - ?) said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, their advertisemsents are good for Pakatan. The more they advertise the more Pakatan will gain the votes, because it exposed more MCA weaknesses. Good job MCA. TQ.

睿 said...

馬華總會長何止連自己上陣的權益都爭取不到,他還得 ‘借’ 席位 給污桶“轉讓”給土犬呢!也就是說,馬華認可(默許?)土犬和污桶動輒叫華裔孩子回”唐山“呢!

貧苦無知的人民為了兩餐而忍氣吞聲還情有可原,馬華領袖和候選人卻不敢群起抗議,這種代表要來做甚麼?繳稅請他們看溝渠等,不如請專業幹這行的,既省錢來又可辦得妥當?還有那些所謂的知識份子和學者,挺馬華的何國忠,也是自揭腦袋,不用MRI scan就讓人看到腦袋瓜裡盛的是甚麼!