Tuesday, April 8, 2014







Anonymous said...

The AG's quarterly report released in the Parliament has reviewed repeated mal-pratices, irresponsibility, abuse of public funds, and non-accountability of various mistakes and errors of different Ministries. These was human 'eyes' on getting extra benefits out of projects, items, purchases and allocations each year.
However the government just unable and helpless to eradicate and stop all these human greediness or in search of wealth by short-cut.
It was a shameful as similar errors or mal=pratices has been pointed out by the AG in his reports.

A Parent

Anonymous said...

The problem with the nation isn't UMNO or the garbage MCA let alone GERAKAN (useless and mindless trash). It's the majority of DUMB asshole who voted for the sick BN. Get it?

Did these people know how bad BN is? Yes they knew about it. But why they still voted them? Ask yourself why and the truth is not far.

Anonymous said...

they vote them because they used to it. Just habitually mark the cross.

Anonymous said...

Not true, they voted the garbage because they thought they would be more protected from other races which always do well than them. Funny those who aren't spoon fed by the government are always performing better than those who never stop asking for more. What kind of logic is this? ... but it's true.

You see the more they are afraid of us, they more they will be leaning towards Garbage.

Therefore it's the idiocies of these people that brought them backwards, not the evil government. Any good decent government given full support for more than half century will turn rotten. So wake up, if you want better future, educate them.

Wisdom and education are the key to the better future. Don't count on any politician. They are all evil. Open your eyes and see for yourself. If you are one of those depending on main stream media, than it's about time for you to wake up.

take for example, how the hell can a gigantic Boeing 777 vanished without a trace. Remember magic doesn't exist. Somebody DON'T want you to know the truth. They want you to believe what is told in the press.

Say one day they finally found the black box from the Indian Ocean, do you think they will reveal the truth? Based on what do you think so? Please wake up, now or never.