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 My father passed away in a car accident when i was 3 years old. My mum was helpless with 4 young kids. She has to travel back and forth from Raub to Terengganu for the court case regarding this accident. All she wanted is a justice for her late husband and a compensation from the perpetrator who caused the accident. She needed the money to raise her 4 kids.
The case was finally resolved with the help of a lawyer. My mum has since reminded me frequently of the debt we owed to this lawyer. His name is Karpal Singh.

 Mr. Karpal, i thank you not only for what you've contributed to our nation, but also for the help you've gave to my family. May god rest your soul in peace.


Anonymous said...

I have noted a truly Malaysian when I was in secondary school. He came back from Singapore and joined in to his only DAP party in the early seventy and first won as a State assemblyman in Kedah - he was the late YB Karpal Singh.
Since then YB has showned his political motto without fear or favor and gained his popular title as Julutong Tiger for his won of the constituency in Penang.
He was appointed as Party Chairman when Dr Chen Man Hin steped down and has lead the party chanllenge in at least 4 terms of general elections for which 505 in year 2013 of the 13th general election has won with 38 MP and 98 stateassembly seats in Malaysia.
In his professional career as a Lawyer, he was won in numerous court cases and well known as most experienced and effective legal man in the judiciary aspects.
The great political man and prominent lawyer has passed away in a road accident in early morning on 17th April 2014.
The country has lost a truely politician, the people has lost a great man, and his family has lost a good husband, father and his beloved.

A Parent

睿 said...

MP Karpal's passing away is a great loss to the nation. He is highly esteemed and highly regarded by all who want to see a fair and just Malaysia for all Malaysians irrespective of race nor religion.

My heartfelt condolences to his family. May the family find comfort in knowing that Mr Karpal is so highly respected by all walks of society. May all his earthly persecutors be brought to justice in the near future.

May Mr Karpal's soul rests in peace in heaven.