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问题是,槟州民联政府那么差,在他们治理下的槟州竟然可以成为全马唯一一个被国际权威杂志“经济学人”(The Economist)点名称赞的州属喔。。。你说奇怪不奇怪?

摘录这篇文章“Malaysia’s Penang state - Getting back its mojo”原文其中一段:

The result is another boom. Last year more investment poured into the state than any other in Malaysia. Scores of new electronics firms have swooped in to join the pioneers, along with an expanding cluster of 20 or so medical-device manufacturers. Crucially, most of the new jobs are in research and development rather than assembly. An American chip-designer, Altera, has a new facility with 1,100 workers in Penang, 800 of them engineers. Its head says that almost all the engineers are locals—which is good for Malaysia.



民联有没有治理能力,有思考能力的你 可以自行判断。



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The Economist is widely read by the more intelligent people therefore could be beyond the comprehension of those BN supporters and they probably know nothing about it. Based on the track record of BN government's "SOP", since PM said blanking out printing material is outdated, wonder if those copies delivered to the 'educated' BN supporters had this page torn away?

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以他porn star的威势,大概可以争取到很多的女选民,可谓挡者披靡!

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Penang state government must continue to perform as a good governance and in search of excellence for the benefits of Penang residence and setting model state government for Malaysia as a whole.
CM Lim needs to team-up with talented leaders of all races in the state and if possible with the power of people to wipe out the 11 arm-no members so that their administration could be even smoothly.
However, it is very important that
party internally must be united and well despline on rules and regulations so as to uphold
the good image and solidarity of the party. Personal differences and good rappot must be tolerance and to give way for the brilliant young talent leaders to seek new creative idelogy for the benefit of the people in long run.

A Parent

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M€A and GERA€AN 吃钱吃大便

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是許子根(无根)的功勞, 如果他有LP, 决对不会耽误了槟城的18年, 无(性)的生活.

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Being featured in The Economists is a big deal. The Economists is a popularly read publication among international businessmen doing business in Asia. This feature article on Penang brings pride to Malaysian.
Sadly, the political reality in Malaysia is different. The BN tactics are creating very negative perception among foreigners, they know, they keep quiet (not to attract the barbaric yelling from the mad dogs) and make their decisions not to invest in Malaysia.
We hope BN can weak up and do the right things for Malaysia, and also bring pride to Malaysian like LGE/PR.
BN attacking DAP/LGE in Penang is like monkey getting sour grapes, very childish and bad for foreign investments.
Malaysia is lucky to have politician like LGE.

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